Installation Instructions Warrantee Connections   Installation Instructions

Before installation water tank should be filled with full water for a minimum of 4 hrs. to confirm and identify the leakage due to any reason in case any leakage please inform to your dealer/distributor immediately. If leakage is observed after installation but without the water leakage test as above. The company will only repair the water tank. No replacement will be given under any circumstances.

Always insist on proper installation by an experienced plumber only.

Natural white tanks are for indoor use only it should be prevented from exposure to direct sunlight.

Vent pipe/overflow pipe should be provided near the top with mosquito and insect proof cap.

The flat base of cylindrical, vertical and rectangular water storage tank should be fully supported over its whole bottom area by a durable, rigid, flat and level platform sufficiently strong to with stand without deflection; in case the tank is placed on a suitable M.S. Platform then it is essential that the later is free from Simplex edges. Corners or surface projections and shall be corrosion resistant.

Where required the tank shall be suitably anchored the tanks may also be provided with clamping devices.

The pipelines, valves and other fittings should be supported in such a manner that it is aligned properly so as not to produce any distortion in the water tank where the fitting is fixed.

The check nuts of the threaded connections should be placed after placing rubber gaskets and should not be over tightened under no, circumstances should jointing compounds or putty be employed in contact with polyethylene water tanks, PTFE (poly-tetra-polyethylene) unsintered tape may be wrapped around the threaded portion of the valves and connections to act as a sealant.

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