Warrantee Connections Warrantee Connections   Installation Instructions

SIMPLEX Water Tank are warranted against Manufacturing defects for a period of five years from the date of purchase Liability Under this warrantee is limited to making good of defects during manufacture and under proper use of the tank.

Defected arising out of faulty installation such as lack of full and sufficient bottom support, excessive load on the tank and Improper inlet, outlet and overflow connection shall not be accepted. This water tank is not suitable for underground installation.

In case defects. The tank is to be returned untampered / unrepaired with freight prepaid to the respective dealer / distributor only. Re-delivery after repairs or replacement (as the case may be) will be returned F.O.R to the same dealer.

The right to determine whether a water tank needs repair or total replacement lies solely with the company in case where a tank has been replaced, the defective tanks becomes the property of the company and the guarantee period will be considered from the date of sale of the original tank.

All the liabilities under this Warrantee will cease on transfer of the tank on ownership of the tank and on expiry of the period as mentioned above.

As far as this guarantee is concerned the buyer shall have no other right except those set out above. The buyer has no right to claim any reduction of purchaser price or to demand any payment of damages or compensation for consequential / accrued loses.

The claim against this Warrantee Card shall be settled with in a suitable period of time through the dealer / distributor only and at the time of making the claim the customer has to produce this warrantee card along with a cash memo to his dealer.

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